2 hours Tantra session

Single ⇔ $243 – Couple ⇔ $342


Allow yourself to connect to yourself and others on the deepest level of all


Tantra means “to expand”. It is a philosophy, an ancient way to open up and connect on all levels to each other but firstly to ourselves. It is about feeling, moving and using our life force commonly known as sexual energy.

Through Tantra we get closer to the art of sacred sexuality, we discover true intimacy, we learn to connect through our senses, to open our heart space, to feel the divine masculine and feminine within and to be true to ourselves.

Tantra is about sensations, emotions, trust, closeness, touch, connection, communication, giving, receiving and of course pleasure.

All sessions are personalised and none include sexual encounter.

For all inquiries please contact me on aikyaforsoul@gmail.com