Festen Therapy

I am a Festen therapist trained by Andre Charbonnier himself.

Between you and happiness, there are only fears.

My goal is to help you get rid of your main fears and founder lies so you can be free and make your decisions out of Love.

Quick and effective, this therapy only takes twelve sessions.

Send me an e-mail on aikyaforsoul@gmail.com to make an appointment.

I can assist you in face to face appointments or through Skype.


You want to try ?

First interview (between 2 and 3 hours) $200

Once you are in :

Twelve sessions (2 hours each) $200 each.

Let’s get started !!!

Free yourself !

To free himself from the prison of his own anxiety, André Charbonnier has created a method of liberation through a Ceremony he named «Festen», after the movie by Thomas Vinterberg.
But how does that work ?
The mind : To make it easy to understand we’ll compare the Mind to a hard drive AND a software. What we burn on our hard drive are our thoughts. Our Mind is made of thoughts. They are so complexly organised they end up shaping a personality we call ego.
Our Mind has two main goals :
>> Help us be in the world
That’s why we name things. Looking at human civilization, we have spent the entire time naming our surroundings. From there we learn how to interact with the world. The “given” part is the hard drive, the “interacting” is the software.
>> Our survival
The “animal”, the “wild” part of our Mind is in charge of our protection in the real world. It has only two ways to react to danger : it either escapes or attacks.
A more sophisticated part we will call “survival software” is in charge of an other mission : to protect us on a symbolic level.
On the symbolic level we essentially have only two absolute necessities : Safety and Love. The survival software makes sure you receive them from your parents at all time. When one of your parent fails – making you lack either Love or Safety or both -, you are in great danger since you are missing what you absolutely need.
Our Mind has to twist reality to keep our parent unfailing, accusing ourselves of what we endure. To that aim our Mind will create lies : ” My father hits me because I am bad, I deserve it”.
Our Mind creates fears in order to protect us
Every time we blame ourselves for what we endure, we create a fear.
If your mother yelled at you when you broke something as a child, you accused yourself because your mother’s love disappeared then. ” If Mum doesn’t love me it is because I have done something wrong” . By creating this lie, you create the fear of not receiving your mother’s love when you do something wrong ! If it happens again the lie will turn into a certainty : In order to receive my mother’s love I have to behave a certain way. You are now obligated to do what your fear dictates you.
How do we believe our lies ?
A little child can’t believe he is bad since he is Pure. To make it happen anyway a child will rely on what may seem a terribly sad fact : if his mother lacks love it’s because a part of her doesn’t love her child ! If she loved her child 100%, she would be only Love. The child will take that part and transfer it into himself and it becomes a kind of relay inside of him on the symbolic level. From then on he will feel this indignity inside.
Each time we endured a lack of Love or Safety, we have accused ourselves of what we endured ; we took the pieces of our parents and put them inside ourselves. It is those pieces that control your life ! THEY take the desions
Freeing ourselves
You want to get your power back ? Do you want to stop acting against your happiness ? Do you want to make decisions that will lead you to success ? To do so you need to give your parent’s pieces back to them so you can stop believing in your lies.
In order to do so you will organise a Ceremony of Liberation. To build this special moment you will need help from a therapist trained by Andre Charbonnier. You will be supported into identifying the fears and lies that stop you and you will write,with your therapist,the text of your personalised Ceremony.
To build your Ceremony you will need 12 hours of work. You will be supported while exploring each of your main fears, each of your founding lies. You will write how and why you had to create those lies.
Once you are free …
Imagine your life free, free from anxiety, free from confusion, choosing the life that actually suits you (the partner that really suits you, the work that really suits you …) This is possible through that work of liberation. You will come to realize you were living in a jail with invisible walls !
You feel lighter. The outside can not hurt you. You become aware of your surrounding. You become aware of your true feelings. You see the world in brighter colours, you see the present. And all that at once … You feel different …Yes you have just dropped two huge pieces that were invading and commanding you for a long time.
You have freed yourself from your fears but while the Festen  Ceremony frees you from the fear of water it hasn’t taught you how to swim !
This why your therapist will stay with you for 6 more sessions. You might have had difficulties affirming who you are. You will then be free to express yourself but you will have to learn How.
If you feel it is now time to express your true self, contact me at aikyaforsoul@gmail.com.