Who is me and Testimonies



I am Lise.

I am a woman, I am a mother, I am a healer, I am a carer, I am a connector, I am an empath, I am a channel, I am an enthusiast, I am a passionate learner, I am an explorer, I am a torrent rider, I am a certified Tantra Practioner and a certified Festen Therapist.

I am that I am, that I am I am and that sentence doesn’t even begin to describe me !

I have always, since for ever, been the one bringing smiles on everyone’s face. This is what I live for : to Love, expand Love and spread Love.

And here is what some of you have been kind enough to share about your experience with me :

(more testimonies in the comments)

“A little hello to thank you. Since my wings are deployed my life has taken off in a beautiful way. Eternal gratitude” Claire, France

“I used to feel so much pressure through my family and friends and even from strangers on the street. Everywhere I looked I saw myself as a bad mother through other people’s eyes. Then I met Lise who helped reconnect with my intuition and now it all flows. It is easy. It makes sense. I follow my heart. My heart that knows my children’s hearts. Infinite Gratitude to Lise for being such an amazing Angels listener !” Andrea, WA

“My kids are all grown up and two of them have turned their back on me. They blame me for the way their lives have turned out, they call me names, I was about to hit rock bottom when I met Lise. It was a lot of work to build enough self love to see the today’s situation as a blessing. Instead of looking at my pain she has taught me to welcome theirs allowing me to love them unconditionally. I am sending them love everyday trusting they will find their way home. Thanks Lise, you’re a champ !” Cherry, WA

“I was controlling and I didn’t even know ! My child started coming up with phobias so I went to Lise to heal them. She looked at me in a way I will never forget. The eyes of Love. And she told me my child was fine, it was me who needed to learn to Trust. My child’s phobias disappeared INSTANTLY once I faced my controlling issues and forgave myself. I am now in the process of learning to Love myself unconditionally. Thank you so much Lise for lighting up my path ❤ ” Marie, WA

“Trying so hard not to be my parents I never asked myself who I really was as a Mother. I just knew who I was not ! After a Mother’s Circle and a private session with Lise I reconnected with the Divine Mother in me and I am so grateful I have while my children are still young … My relationship with them has changed though it seems nothing has changed … The mark of change as Lise would say. Keep shining your powerful light of Pure Love sweet Angel, forever grateful I have met you.” River, WA

” There is not One Truth but I can help you find your own ” is how I met Lise. She talks to Angels, Guides and Dragons to help you connect with your Truth. She is a woman of amazing brightness and even though she knows it, she talks to you as equal. I feel like a Diamond everytime she talks to me and through her eyes I finally discovered my own magnificence ! I didn’t believe in Angels until I met her.” Jo, WA


7 thoughts on “Who is me and Testimonies

  1. What can I say other than Lise is a Soulmate, who shares her medicine and her healing talents with an incredible lightness and great generosity. I have experienced it, a rather beautiful wave of awareness came out of it after a few physical and emotional swirls. I will come back for more whenever I will hear the call.

    Que dire sinon que Lise est une âme sœur, qui partage sa médecine et ses dons de guérisseuse d’une légèreté et d’une générosité incroyable. J’en ai fait l’expérience, une belle prise de conscience en a découlé, après quelques remous physiques et subtils. J’y reviendrais avec joie dès que j’en ressentirais le besoin.


  2. Thank you so much for your patience, your kindness, your advices, your benevolence and your ‘talent’. Lise is able to help you go through your fears in a magic, funny, peaceful way. This free soul is going to meet yours and you won’t leave the session the same ever. ❤ Thank you


  3. I’ve never experienced such healings. Your soul meets Lise’s one and a kind of magic Link appears : they speak together and find the path to your true self and thus guide you to heal yourself through consciousness, happiness and Love. Thanks for existing et for Being who you are Lise.


  4. What a great moment ! I’ve learnt many things about me, my skills and my inner self. What an intuitive and talented person, Lise, you’re a Gem !

    Quel moment ! Lors de la séance j’ai appris beaucoup de choses sur moi, ce dont j’étais capable et mon moi profond. Quelle personne intuitive, Lise, tu es géniale !


  5. I graduated my therapy on Monday and celebrated with a bike ride, on which I got lost but experienced some amazing moments. How very apt as getting lost on a bike trip is how I met Lise who gave me a healing and then, when I was ready, Festen Therapy.

    I found the first part of the therapy very difficult as it dealt with uprooting painful memories that I’d suppressed and come to accept as the way life is for me. I am so happy that I stuck it out because I have now realised what a huge shift in my internal energy has occurred. I’d previously lost my connection to my intuition and all my happy moments were clouded with a fear at the back of my mind that at any moment they could be ripped away from me. All that fear is gone now and I feel a real sense of freedom. I know I will continue to have ups and downs but I have amazing tools, learnt during the second part of therapy, to be assured that down moments will only last temporarily and are there only as reminders that I am straying away from my self love.

    Thankyou Lise. You are gorgeous and I’m so glad I was guided to you.


  6. I feel very grateful every day for knowing Lise who has helped me so many times with healing sessions, coaching and therapy. Knowing her has transformed my life and I hope she will transform yours too to help you make the change you always wanted to have in your life.
    Embark on this journey with her, you won’t regret it!


  7. THANK YOU Lise, you are wonderful and amazingly connected, talented and wondrous.
    It is an immense pleasure to have unlocked such a deeply buried blockage with you 🙂
    I had been trying to fix this problem for so long … One session with you and whoop, it’s gone !
    You have my eternal gratitude !


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